Creative coloring book

Color pictures using this fun coloring book program.

The MagicBook attempts to bring the best parts of physical coloring books to the computer screen while making improvements. The results are a fantastic program that kids will easily learn and learn to love.

With a fun design that looks hand-drawn by a child, young artists will love cycling through the few big, colorful icons and the unique color palette. Point-and-click coloring control should be simple enough for young hands to quickly learn, which is a good thing since there is no Help file for adults. The program itself revolves around kids first choosing a coloring template (birds, cats, and butterflies are popular ones). From there they can choose one of the icons at the top of the screen to draw with a crayon-like tool, a pencil tool, a paintbrush tool, or a Sharpie tool. The most interesting aspect of the program, though, has to be its color palette. A series of colored bubbles cycle through the control panel, like effervescent soda bubbles, and kids click on their color that way. The program helps kids stay in the lines by making it difficult to smear color outside the picture. The program's finest feature is the Crazy Colors option. When the right mouse button is held down, various shades of the selected color fill in the picture, creating a textured look.

The program offers a limited picture selection until it is registered and purchased. Thanks to simple controls that most kids will understand, this program is a lot of artistic fun.

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