Flawed icon editor

Create custom icons and cursors, if you're not foiled by error messages.

Icon Craft allows users to create custom icons and cursors. Although the program has a good selection of features and is fairly easy to use, it has some functional problems that make it frustrating and ineffective.

The program's interface is somewhat similar to that of Microsoft Paint, although the icons are stylized and it's not always obvious what they are. Fortunately, tooltips display a description for each one. The workspace is clean and generally well-organized, and users should get used to the program's layout and functions pretty quickly. The built-in Help file contains a detailed description of all of the program's features. Icon Craft contains all the typical image editing functions that one would expect, along with a few extras, such as the ability to create animated cursors. Unfortunately, this is where we started running into problems. Each time we tried to create a new frame we got an error message; sometimes the new frame was created afterward, and sometimes not. The Help file gave no indication what might be wrong. We were frustrated that this otherwise solid program tripped over something so simple, and we can't be positive that similar problems aren't lurking elsewhere in the program.

Icon Craft has a 30-day trial period, and the trial version displays an annoying "Please Register" message across the workspace. Users are also unable to save more than seven files in the trial version. The program installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program, but with reservations; the functional problems limit its effectiveness.

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