Intuitive icon editor

Create custom icons with this powerful yet simple program.

IcoFX allows users to create custom icons using a variety of tools. The program's intuitive interface and many features make it a great choice for creating icons.

Much of the program's interface will look familiar to users who have experience with Microsoft Paint, although IcoFX is a little more polished. The program displays content in seven panes, all of which can easily be enabled or disabled under the View menu. One pane helpfully includes a tree layout of the user's computer files, while another holds a preview of the contents of a selected folder. This makes it easy to browse through your computer and find the files you'd like to work with. Users can start with a preselected image or create icons from scratch, and it's easy to do both. The online Help file gives detailed descriptions of the program's functions and also offers a set of tutorials. The program includes all of the standard image-editing functions that one would expect, along with a few standouts. Users can easily convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons, and vice versa. The work area can be viewed at an impressive 10,000 percent, allowing users the ability to do very detailed editing. We also liked program's powerful opacity options. The program is easy enough for novices to use, but it contains features that will be appreciated by more-advanced users as well.

IcoFX is free, and it installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users who are looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use icon editor.

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