Basic skinnable clock

Put an attractive alarm clock on your desktop with this simple program.

Alwact Clock is a simple analog-style clock utility with an alarm, a few different skins, and not much else. Although it does not contain many features, it functions well as a basic clock.

The program's interface consists of a handful of slide-out menus that are accessed by right-clicking on the clock. This is sometimes harder than it sounds, as certain skins make it difficult to find the right place to click, and occasionally the skin seems to change unexpectedly. All of the options are pretty basic and obvious, and it's a good thing, as there's no Help file. The program contains six skins to choose from, all of which are analog and fairly attractive. (Users can go to the publisher's Web site for information on how to create their own skins.) The clock's alarm is nice; it has a snooze feature, and users can choose either the built-in alarm sound (which is rather annoying) or have the clock use other sound files on the user's computer. The alarm was easy to configure and worked as directed. Users can also adjust the opacity and zoom of the clock, although we found the latter to be disappointing, as the clock's visual quality degrades significantly as it gets bigger.

Alwact Clock is free. It installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to any user looking for a basic analog clock.

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