Data analysis app

Analyze data and determine statistical results from a spreadsheet or a database.

You don't have to rely on a statistician or SAS to analyze data for projects thanks to this handy app. AcaStat Plus provides the most common tools for performing statistical processes.

It launches a nice-size interface with a large pane taking up most of the window, and a vertical row of displays on the right side of the window that changes based on the procedure chosen in the top display. The large pane is tabbed for manipulating the data: Output, Charts, and Decision Tools, along with Glossary and Handbook. This app performed very satisfactorily in our tests, responding quickly and outputting very clear and readable reports. We liked the ease AcaStat Plus offered in performing calculations--we simply had to choose a procedure from a drop-down list, select the variables, and then click Run. We were likewise pleased with the range of procedures, which should satisfy nearly anything that a nonprofessional statistician would need, including Chi Square, confidence intervals, random sampling, regression, correlation, and many more. We also appreciated the ease in exporting results to Word and Excel: simply click a button on the toolbar.

For statistical novices, the Help feature provides extensive explanations and includes a student manual with lessons for mastering statistical procedures with AcaStat Plus. Anyone analyzing data for school projects or small business reports will find this app a handy tool. The trial limit may be too brief to suit some people, but it should be adequate for the purposes of most users.

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