Galactic screensaver

Gaze in awe and wonder at the orbiting bodies in space with this screensaver's galactic view.

With flat-screen monitors taking over workstations, screensavers aren't so important as they once were. However, they still have a place and appeal to many users.

Amazing Universe Premium launches a colorful starscape with planets, moons, asteroids, nebulae, and other materials stretched across the cosmos, rendered with excellent detail for a crisp, almost super-real resolution. In particular, science-fiction fans looking for a visual sense of wonder will appreciate this screensaver. There are no rockets, flying saucers, or manmade items; although, a few cheesy-looking comets did flit across the screen rather frequently.

This screensaver performed well during our tests. We were able to adjust the timing for it to launch, turn on or off its accompanying music, and set the resolution and color depth. However, we were disappointed that we couldn't adjust the speed at which items moved in the animation: a slower speed than the default would, we thought, have appeared more majestic and tranquil, but that's a subjective opinion from us. Other than the cheesy comets, we were pleased with this free utility, and we think most other users will agree.

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