Golf calculator

Store your golf scores with this slightly complicated program.

Store, calculate, and take a closer look at your golf scores with Golf Handicapper. Though it may take time to learn, the results are simple enough that certain golfers will love tracking their history.

The program's basic interface isn't winning any awards for flashiness. Golf Handicapper's sparse simplicity leaves users without much direction as they manage through the black and white buttons and command screens. The dense, wordy Help file takes a lot of close reading to really digest. Users looking to track their scores must first enter the course's information into simple data boxes, including the course's rating, its handicap and the dates played there. Next, users input all the players they wish to compare. Finally, users enter each player's score for each game on the specific date they played. From this, the program offers a variety of reports to run. Ranging from best scores for a certain day, average scores over several games, and other push-button options, users can see a great deal of information. The program does not offer any special features beyond the above-mentioned options. We would have liked to see graphics to accompany the reports, but feel the raw data still gets the point across.

While it isn't much to look at, this program offers a way to really keep an eye on golf games. Its 60-day trial is plenty long enough to determine whether this should become a necessary part of your golfing.

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