Complex map reader

Calibrate your own maps with this involved program.

Cartopro Evolution offers to help users make a digital collection of their maps. While the options will appeal to mapping experts, casual users will probably find this program overwhelming and unnecessary.

The program's interface is a mad collection of icons and jargon that will take a trip to the Help file and possibly a cartography degree to solve. Users looking for the point-and-click simplicity of online mapping programs will be disappointed here. However, those familiar with maps may enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and depth the program's options provide. Users must first scan a map into the program. Once the map is scanned in, users can calibrate its points, set its distances, and more utilizing a complex wizard that requires users to input longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. There is no entering Point A and Point B and seeing a map, such as it is with many free online sources. Once this is complete, users can input coordinates to get a closer look at their maps and also (again by entering coordinates) get distances from Point A to Point B. However, Cartopro really only appeals to those with maps that cannot be utilized with free online map software. The program's most unique tool is its capability to transfer the map to a GPS system with a few mouse clicks.

Thanks to a complicated interface and dense functionality, it may take all 20 days of this trial to fully grasp Cartopro's potential. We recommend it for serious map enthusiasts only.

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