Simple golf calculator

Calculate and memorize your scores using this program.

Handicap Manager for Excel provides golfers with an opportunity to calculate and store their scores on a limitless number of courses. This program's organization makes it simple to operate.

The program's interface is familiar and intuitively laid out, thanks primarily to being based on Microsoft Excel. With simple menus that lead you through the various spreadsheets, you won't have trouble tabulating statistics. Fill up this program first by navigating through the Golf Course information. You enter a course's name, par, rating, and slope, which all helps calculate the handicap later. Next, enter all your information, such as name and address, and assign yourself a golfing ID number.Then input your scores for each course played. Once this information is entered, you can calculate handicaps by simply clicking a button. The results were fast, but we felt that only highly dedicated golfers will find the time to enter all the necessary data. The program offers features that are great for planning with big groups. With a few mouse clicks, you can print off handicap cards and tournament sheets. While not a necessity, we felt this was a decent addition to the program.

While it has simple controls and great results, golfers must be willing to input a lot of data during this 30-day trial to learn whether or not it is for them.

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