Simple guitar teacher

Learn a variety of chords with this effective program.

Guitar Chords is a simple program that will help guitarists of all skill levels, whether you are picking up the instrument for the first time or are an expert looking for new chords. With a simple design, you cannot go wrong here.

The program's interface cuts learning guitar chords down to its most basic. By simply clicking well-labeled buttons, you can quickly and easily navigate the program. In addition, the Help file not only explains how to operate the program, but also has a tutorial on reading guitar tablature (which is a staple of this program). Utilizing the program's chords is incredibly easy, but does require knowledge of tablature. The menu consists of 12 different types of chords from major all the way down to slash chords. Clicking on one of the buttons will list all the possible chords you can play. Clicking on a specific chord will show how to play the chord in tablature form, which consists of numbers corresponding to strings and frets. The biggest hurdle is learning to read this tablature, but once that is mastered, you will not have a problem strumming one of the thousands of chords listed. The program's only special feature is a print option, so you can take your new tablature anywhere.

While those unfamiliar with tablature will have to do some research, this freeware program's functionality is so simple almost anyone can pick up the instrument with its help.

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