Astrological sign detailer

Learn all the different perspectives of your astrological sign with this tool.

MB Zodiac Astrology offers a great opportunity to learn every conceivable detail about your astrological sign. With a simple layout and surprising answers, this is certain to enlighten and please .

The program's single-page interface is so simple, a trip to the Help file is completely unnecessary. Consisting of a single drop-down menu and a small menu, this will be intuitive to users of all experience levels. Begin by selecting your astrological sign from a pull-down menu with all listed. From there, the image of that sign appears as a drawing and some basic facts about the sign appear. The program really takes off when you browse through the menu of learning options below the sign. You can discover planetary associations, friendship traits, lucky charms, and about a dozen more fascinating topics. All information is presented in an easily understood tone with a minimum of astrological jargon. The program features no special features. We would have enjoyed seeing a more personalized way of getting a reading based on our birth date.

Thanks to its focus and simple navigation, this freeware program is a great option for anyone interested in learning more about their astrological sign.

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