Yoga trainer

Learn yoga positions and philosophies with this program.

MB Learn Yoga offers a simple way to learn about the positions and belief system of yoga. Anyone interested in beginning to practice yoga will enjoy this helpful and easy tutorial.

The program's interface is instantly likable, thanks to clear direction and simple navigation. Work through a menu of different yoga positions and practices with a few simple clicks. The text is clearly articulated and the drawings are helpful, so much so that most people can skip the Help file. The program consists of seven categories (Information on Yoga, Yoga Asanas by Name, Yoga Asanas by Body Part, Yoga Asanas by Therapeutic Applications, Meditation, Pranayam, and Surya Namaskar) in a menu along the left side. Each opens into a pull-down menu or simple list of options. For Asanas, you can select specific poses, see a drawing of the pose, and see a detailed script on how to perform the pose. Throughout, the drawings and explanations that appeared were easily understood and enjoyable. MB Learn Yoga does not offer any special features. While things like animation or step-by-step drawings would have been nice, the overall product is strong enough to stand on its own.

It did leave behind a folder in our Program Files that had to be manually removed. But thanks to its excellent layout and perfect beginner-level information, this freeware program is a great download for anyone curious about yoga.

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