Simple handwriting reader

Learn about your personality through handwriting by using this clever program.

Define your personality through your handwriting style with this simple program that doesn't even require you to write a word. With extensive questioning and great flow, this program might just nail your personality.

The program's interface is fantastically simple. Users must only click on radio buttons and a few other excellently labeled buttons to take this test and learn about themselves. The program does provide an online Help file, though it is so basic user might be better off just experimenting. Learning about your handwriting style was surprisingly simple and effective. Users cycle through more than 15 questions about their style ranging from overall style to individual letters. Each provides multiple examples of different styles based on the question. For example, users can click on one of several examples of crossing Ts by clicking on the radio button below the picture. In the end, users are shown a read-out depicting what each answer says about their personality and what traits they share with others. One special feature that adds credibility to the program is how the final analysis cites its sources for your reading. Users can click on the Web site of the source to learn more.

The 30-day trial is more than enough time to experiment with the program. With its surprising and detailed handwriting samples and fun results, we recommend this program for all users.

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