Palm reading program

Discover the stories hidden in your hands with this tutorial program.

MB Learn Palmistry is a simple program aimed at teaching and testing users on the world of palm reading. With excellent pictures and a simple design, users will be closer to unlocking the meaning of hands and palms with this download.

The interface is particularly simple, considering the complicated terms people will learn. With simple pictures, definitions, and commands, the program is so simple that users will not need the online Help file for guidance. The program consists of two distinctly different functions: tutorial and testing. The tutorial is a series of a few dozen screens featuring different aspects of the human hand, a drawing of that aspect and a definition. Topics range from hand and finger shape to specific lines that run across the palm, each telling a different tale. The testing part shows the users a picture and gives a multiple-choice quiz on what it is. Users can choose to specialize in one of three hand areas for each test. Users have their scores tallied at the end and are shown their correct and incorrect answers. The program's lone special feature is a complete waste, unfortunately. Users can set and save goals for themselves on a separate screen. This is unnecessary and doesn't add to the overall program.

The program did leave behind a folder in our Program Files. While its special features area waste, the program as a whole is a fantastically simple way of learning the different aspects of palm reading. We highly recommend this freeware program for those interested.

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