Basic school organizer

Schedule classes and more with this program.

CyberMatrix Class Scheduler provides users with a simple way to keep classes, students and even grades organized. With simple directions and an unmistakable layout, this program will appeal to a lot of academic users.

The program's interface should not be difficult for even novice users to manage. Its commands are controlled by wizard-like screens that walk you through steps using simple commands and intuitive buttons. For those still not in tune, the program provides a great Help file. The program mimics the looks of an Excel spreadsheet, creating a cross section where days of the week and times of day collide to fill in a class schedule. Class schedules are inputted via a simple tool where users enter days of the week, times and room to automatically fill itself throughout the program. In addition, users can manage several different students' schedules by inputting their names and classes in a similar program that makes overall management a breeze. CyberMatrix also offers features like the freedom to run reports. Users select various radio buttons to choose from reports ranging from instructor reports, specific classes and many other options to be run off.

With versatility and simplicity in its corner, it will not take the entire 30-day trial to understand this is a great way to coordinate schedules.

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