Photo recognition software

Learn about a person's personality judging from their photo.

Digital Physiognomy provides users with a way to discover personality traits simply by creating their picture. While the program promises big results, several factors drag it through the mud.

The program's interface initially felt intuitive. The facial characteristic tools are easily manipulated and their results do not take any special key to decode. However, users will most likely want to read the Help file if the face they created isn't coming out right. Users will find the tools to create a face to be childishly simple to understand, which is a positive. Users can download a real picture and use it as a guide for the black and white physiognomy shot. However, it appears that it will not be so simple to create a lifelike face, judging from the examples the program gives. Unfortunately, a trial limitation prevented us from getting the full picture. The program's features were fairly light, but we did enjoy being able to search the catalog of headshots for ones matching specific personality traits. However, we would have liked the capability to automatically paste a photo into the program, so those less-artistically inclined wouldn't have to build a face.

Overall, we felt that this program's 15-day, two-facial feature limit prevented us from fully experiencing its potential. Therefore, we can't give it our recommendation.

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