Easy-to-use macro program

Put an end to repetitive typing with this intuitive program.

Perfect Keyboard Lite allows users to easily record text and macros to be used later on, saving time for users who find themselves typing the same things over and over. Even novice macro users will be able to benefit from this intuitive program.

The program's interface is clean and easy to navigate; it should be easy for users who know anything about macros to get started. For those who don't, the built-in Help file provides plenty of guidance, including a section on macro language basics. Users who only need to use the program for text purposes--to insert blocks of text, e-mail addresses, and so on--don't need to worry about programming language at all; for those tasks, it's as easy as naming the macro, selecting a hot key or shortcut, and typing the desired text into the program. In fact, we typed the preceding sentence in Perfect Keyboard and then inserted it into our Word document with the press of a button; it really couldn't have been easier. For more-advanced users, the program offers the ability to write macros in macro language or record computer and mouse use as a macro. One of the strong points of the program is its ability to support more advanced macro creation while also being useful to novices; any users with repetitive keyboard tasks will find this program helpful.

Perfect Keyboard Lite has a 30-day trial period, and it installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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