Powerful porn remover

Remove inappropriate content from your computer with this intuitive program.

Porn Terminator allows users to scan their computers for objectionable content, analyzing images based on skin tone. We found the program to be surprisingly effective at picking up on pornography, although it's not perfect.

The interface is simple and will be easy for anyone to navigate. Users need only select the directory they want to search and click Scan Now. The program searches for objectionable images, movies, and Web sites, and then allows users to review the findings and delete content as needed. We were a bit skeptical that the program could differentiate pornographic content from other images, but it did a pretty good job. We saved several adult images along with other benign images, such as a bodybuilder, scantily-clad volleyball players, and a naked baby. The program picked up on all the images that showed a lot of skin, pornographic or not, as well as a few surprises, like a landscape and a beige colored button. On the whole, the program errs on the side of being overzealous, which is fine; it found all the porn, which we easily deleted. Users simply ignore nonpornographic content that is tagged erroneously and get rid of the rest. Porn Terminator is a powerful tool for users who want to keep their computers porn-free, especially those who aren't used to sophisticated or complicated programs.

The trial version of Porn Terminator has a limit of three scans. The program adds a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

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