Stock trade analyzer

Analyze your stock trades before you take action with this app.

Serious investors don't just rely on a gut instinct to make trades and make money. You can make stock trades with confidence by relying on the analysis tools provided in this feature-filled application. But stability was a real issue during our tests.

ANNI Professional offers technical and fundamental analysis with advanced neural network technologies (that's a big phrase for artificial intelligence) to help traders manage their stock portfolios. It launches a user-friendly interface--similar to the traditional e-mail client look and feel--with a row of icons and a vertical directory tree list of analysis tools. Navigating among the tools and building a portfolio was easy to accomplish, and the program responded smoothly and rapidly to our input.

But we did have a couple of disappointments. First, although ANNI offered many powerful tools and performed quickly during our tests, glitches caused it to shut down inexplicably numerous times; second, the Help feature wouldn't launch, because it was built under Windows Help format used in previous versions of Windows, but is not supported by Vista. These are both serious problems, and although the trial period is sufficient for determining ANNI's suitability for your needs, we find it hard to justify the price when such stability issues are so apparent.

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