Backup utility for Outlook

Back up your Microsoft Outlook preferences, contacts, calendars, and more with this handy utility.

Migrating applications from one computer or operating system to another can be a hassle. Doing so for e-mail clients can be particularly frustrating. However, this dandy little utility lets you breathe easy by making the Outlook move a simple process.

BackRex Outlook Backup loads an easy-to-access icon onto your desktop. Launching the utility opens a small dialog box from which you can choose the Outlook components to back up and the destination location for the resulting package. This handy utility performed well in our tests, and selecting options was simply a matter of a few clicks. Navigating its processes was simple, as the utility's designers had the foresight to craft BackRex to function like a wizard. Clicking Next moved the app through its paces, and in about a minute's time the utility had completed its tasks. Restoring the archived data also was a snap, although some of the Restore feature's functionality was limited for the trial version.

If your work environment is so volatile as to require frequent (at least once or more a year) migrations, you'll want to give this easy-to-use utility a try. The price isn't too prickly, and the amount of frustration it relieves in migrating Outlook may seem worth the price during the move.

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