Add BCC or CC to your Microsoft Outlook e-mails

Add recipients to your e-mails with this Outlook add-on.

If you're tired of hunting through your Contacts for addresses of people you want to include as CCs or BCCs to e-mails, this little Microsoft Outlook add-on automates the process and reduces your frustration.

Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook melds seamlessly with Outlook, adding only a small button to the e-mail client's toolbar. Its presence doesn't create a hurdle for the app's performance or the normal flow of its processes. Instead, in our tests, it complements Outlook's functionality, performing well as we used the add-on to supplement delivery of our messages with automatically added CC and BCC recipients. We liked that we could configure the add-on to automatically insert specified CC and BCC addresses according to particular subject lines. The only drawback in the automation was when we wanted to reply to only one person in an e-mail and the add-on wanted to respond to everyone in the specified CC and BCC list. A simple click resolved this issue, though.

The trial period is a bit brief, and the price--although not high--seems a bit steep when compared with the functionality the app adds to Outlook. But if your work focuses on sales leads and continually keeping a lot of people in the loop, you may find Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook worth the price.

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