Save viewed videos

Pluck a video you watched months ago from your system's cache and view it again.

Can't find a video file you watched months ago? Not to worry, this nifty little app makes recovering video or audio files from your cache a snap. However, its save function didn't work at all in our tests.

VideoCacheView is a free app that launches a small, one-pane window with a row of icons in a toolbar. It appears unassuming for a few moments, then--quick as a wink--it automatically fills its pane with a list of video and audio files it detects in your Web browser cache. This little app performed alright in our tests: it recovered video, but only from the Internet Explorer Cache. It ignored files from the Firefox cache, even though Firefox, like IE, was selected in the Options dialog box. As for allowing us to replay recovered files, the app responded quickly to our input, and its search for cached files was very quick (although, as noted, less than thorough). However, when we attempted to save a file from the cache to our hard drive, the functionality failed. The app's appropriate dialog boxes opened, we selected a filename and destination folder, and everything appeared to work. But when we returned to the folder, none of the files were to be found.

The lack of functionality for the save feature is disappointing, but VideoCacheView's capabilities for recovering files from the browser cache were pleasing.

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