Intuitive digital Bible

Browse and search the Bible on your computer with this simple program.

Digital Catholic Bible lets users easily find Bible passages by chapter and verse or by searching for specific keywords. It's nothing fancy, but it's easy to use and is a great electronic alternative to a traditional Bible.

The program's interface is basic and intuitive. There are eight versions of the Bible to choose from, although only one is in English. Users can select a book, chapter, and verse from a drop-down menu or search for a chapter with keywords. Each passage is displayed in a large customizable reading pane. The font color, size, and style can be changed, as well as the background color, letting users adjust the display to their liking. The font size can be set quite large--up to 48-point--making the text accessible to readers with poor eyesight. Multiple passages can be opened in tabs, making it is easy for users to switch back and forth. Digital Catholic Bible has a comparison feature and a query feature, but it's not clear how these are to be used, and there's no Help file. Fortunately, the program's other features are pretty obvious, so basic use of the Bible is easy. Users will especially appreciate the ability to select favorites and organize them by user-defined categories.

Digital Catholic Bible is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users, although we think it's shame that the program contains features that may not be usable because they're not explained.

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