Decent rune program

Gain insight with an electronic version of this ancient divination tool.

MB Runes Reading Software lets users answer questions and gain insight by reading their runes. The program isn't fancy, but isn't bad for a basic reading.

As is always the case with Mystic Board programs, the first screen is cluttered with Mystic Board ads. After that, users enter their name, birthday, and question, and select the type of rune and spread they want to use for their reading. If users aren't sure which type and spread is best, they can select them in the next two screens, which give illustrations and descriptions of each one. The following screen shows the runes that have been cast, with a brief description of what each one means. Users who are new to runes may not understand everything; for example, the program makes reference to runes being "merkstave," which means reversed, but there's no indication of what the word means or how it influences the reading. The online Help file does not address these types of questions at all. That aside, the program does a decent job for what it is, although users who have more than a passing interest in runes will likely want something a little more sophisticated.

MB Runes Reading Software has a 30-day trial period, which is plenty of time for evaluation. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. The program will open a Mystic Board Web page it time it is closed. We recommend this program to anyone seeking a basic rune reading.

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