Wedding day numerology

Determine whether your wedding date will result in a happy or disastrous marriage.

MB Numerology Marriage Vibration lets users analyze their wedding day to get information about their marriage. Although we cannot vouch for how accurate it is, the program did provide a brief analysis of each date we entered.

As is the case with all Mystic Board programs, the first screen is a cluttered mess of advertising for Mystic Board. Once users get past that, they enter their name and wedding day (or potential wedding day) to get their analysis. The program assigns a "marriage vibration number," but gives no indication what that number means or how it's derived. The analysis is a brief paragraph about the couple's compatibility and potential for happiness. We think that even devoted numerology believers will question the methods behind this program; if a couple has to delay their wedding for a week due to, say, the availability of the church, does that mean they're going to have a drastically different type of marriage? We think not, and the program does nothing to try to persuade us otherwise. The online Help file discusses the basics of the program's functions, but gives no information about how numerology is used to reach these conclusions.

MB Numerology Marriage Vibration has a 30-day trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. The program also opens a Mystic Board Web page every time it is closed. We do not particularly recommend this program; it works, but the results don't seem to be worth much.

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