Basic palm readings

Find out what your palm says about your future, at least in vague terms.

MB Palmistry guides users through an analysis of their hands to determine what the user's life holds. The program isn't bad, although it's a bit skimpy on the analysis.

Like all programs from Mystic Board, this one opens with a screen cluttered with Mystic Board ads. Users then enter their name and gender, and the program guides them through a series of images. The first few images are horrible drawings of gnarled, creepy-looking hands; we were relieved when these gave way to photos of a normal-looking palm. For each characteristic--heart line, life line, and so on--users view a set of images and check off the images that are similar to their own hands. At the end, the program supplies the analysis, with one sentence per characteristic. The program definitely does not provide a holistic interpretation of the data; rather, it spits out information about each hand characteristic piece by piece. This is OK, but a user could probably get better information by learning about palmistry on their own and applying the rules. The online Help file describes the program's functions but does not discuss palmistry.

MB Palmistry has a 30-day trial period, which is plenty of time for evaluation. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. The program also opens a Mystic Board Web page every time it's closed. We recommend this program for users who don't mind a basic and unsophisticated palm reading. Other users are likely to be disappointed.

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