Nonfunctioning dictionary

View definitions for 5,500 New Age terms, if you can get the program to work.

MB Divination Dictionary allegedly provides definitions for 5,500 terms associated with astrology, tarot, and other New Age pursuits. This sounds like a useful tool, but unfortunately, the dictionary simply does not work.

The first screen is cluttered with ads for the software's publisher, which is the case for all Mystic Board programs. Past that, users go to a screen divided into several panes, one of which lists all of the dictionary's terms. Unfortunately, no amount of clicking on the term or on the Display button or Search button brought up a definition. Instead, we got a message telling us that we must be connected to the Internet to use this software. We were connected to the Internet, and the program certainly didn't have any trouble finding our Internet connection when we clicked on the Donate or Make Money Online menu items. The online Help file offered absolutely no guidance. Other buttons in the interface, such as the Refresh, Home and Stop buttons, were also completely useless.

MB Divination Dictionary has a 30-day trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. Due to its failure to function, we do not recommend this program.

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