Mediocre dream analysis

Record your dreams and analyze keywords--sort of.

MB Dream Interpretation Software lets users keep a journal of their dreams and have the program automatically analyze keywords within the dreams. Like many products from Mystic Board, the program is better in theory than in execution.

The first screen of the software is a clutter of Mystic Board advertisements. On the next screen, users make their dream diary entries. This is simple enough to do; users type their entry into a text box and save it, and entries are arranged by date in a tree formation, making it easy to find previous entries. Users can select an entry and have the program analyze keywords within it to determine the meanings of their dreams. This is where the program starts to fall apart. For one thing, taking keywords out of the context of the dream doesn't yield particularly insightful results. In the dream we made up, we referenced our "high school boyfriend'; the program honed in on the word "school" but ignored the boyfriend. Even the potentially meaningful words that the program did select, like "mother" and "running," got an incomplete analysis; the way that the results display cuts off portions of the interpretation, with no way to scroll or otherwise view the rest of it.

MB Dream Interpretation Software has a 30-day trial period. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We don't particularly recommend this program; it's a nice idea, but users would do better with a blog and a good dream dictionary.

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