Basic biorhythm program

View your biorhythm forecast, but beware the advertising.

MB Biorhythm Chart Software lets users view their biorhythm charts over a 28-day period. Whether the charts have any validity, we can't say, but the program does perform as described.

As with other programs from Mystic Board, Biorhythm Chart's first screen is a jumble of advertisements from Mystic Board, and it's not entirely obvious how to continue. Once on the second screen, users enter their birth date and the date that's in the middle of the time period they wish to analyze. The program then provides a chart with three different-colored parabolas representing physical, intellectual, and emotional performance over the given 28-day span. A description of each metric is provided, explaining what users can expect when each line on the graph is at its peak, midpoint, and low point. Although the descriptions are not terribly long or detailed, they do give users a basic idea of how the biorhythm chart works. The program's online Help file describes the program's functions, but does not give any additional insight into the workings behind the charts.

MB Biorhythm Chart Software has a 30-day trial period, which is plenty of time to evaluate it. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. The program also opens a Mystic Board Web page every time it is closed. We recommend this program to users looking for a basic biorhythm chart, if you don't mind Mystic Board's advertising.

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