Questionable psychic test

Test and improve your psychic abilities--or so they say.

MB Psychic Color Test allows users to test and develop their psychic abilities by trying to predict which color the program has selected from a group of colored rectangles. If ones assumes that psychic abilities do exist, we suppose that this program could be a useful tool, although it's hard to gauge whether the program actually works the way the publisher says it does.

The interface is simple, though cluttered with ads for the publisher, Mystic Board. Users select from beginner, intermediate, or expert levels, with the number of color choices increasing with the difficulty. The program displays a group of different colored rectangles and users are then instructed to close their eyes, concentrate, and pick a color. If the user has chosen the right color, that is ostensibly evidence of psychic ability. The problem with the program is knowing what the "right" color actually is. The program might have a color in mind, so to speak, when the user makes his or her selection, but it's also possible that the program randomly assigns users hits and misses, rendering the whole thing useless. The online Help file adequately explains the program's functions but does nothing to address how the program actually works or if the results could possibly be valid.

MB Psychic Color Test has a 30-day trial period. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program--with skepticism--to users who are seeking to test or increase their psychic abilities.

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