Cluttered fortune-telling program

Explore your sun sign with Kabbalah and tarot, but don't expect any explanations.

MB Kabbalah Tarot gives users a Kabbalah and tarot reading based on their sun sign. Although the program delivers what it promises, users who want to know how any of this works or what it means would do well to look elsewhere.

The program's interface is simple in the beginning--the only information a user needs to enter is name and birth date--but a substantial amount of it is devoted to advertising for the program's publisher, Mystic Board. Once users proceed to the results page, the interface becomes a jumble of text boxes, images, and diagrams. The information is organized into three tabs that give users attributes of the sephiroths and path associated with their sun sign. Don't know what a sephiroth is or how Kabbalah or tarot work? Don't look to the online Help file; it describes the actual functions of the program but gives absolutely no background or explanation on Kabbalah or tarot. Like many of Mystic Board's programs, Kabbalah Tarot comes off as a bit of a gimmick to drive traffic to the Mystic Board Web site. Users who are already familiar with these two traditions will likely have more sophisticated ways of utilizing them; novices will indeed get readings, but those who are trying to learn will be frustrated by the lack of explanation.

MB Kabbalah Tarot has a 30-day trial period. The program creates desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to users who are exploring Kabbalah and tarot--it may provide some insight--but don't expect to learn much about either of these topics.

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