Sophisticated monitoring program

View keystrokes, Web sites, and screenshots with this powerful monitor.

OM Spy is a powerful program that records all aspects of computer usage. Much more than just a keylogger, the program delivers comprehensive information about computer use in a variety of formats.

The program's interface is simple and intuitive. Users need only set a key combination and password in order to access the program later, click Start Monitoring, and OM Spy does the rest. Accessing the information that the program gathers is easy, and the data is almost creepily detailed. Users can view keystrokes, Web sites, and screenshots taken every 30 seconds. All of the data is time-stamped, providing a clear timeline of computer activity. The program offers two "stealth levels," allowing the program to become all but undetectable even by advanced users. In addition to viewing the information on the computer that's being monitored, users can have the data e-mailed to them or they can access it remotely through the publisher's Web site. We were impressed with how easy all of this was to set up and how thoroughly our computer use was recorded. Cheating spouses, mischievous teens, and job-hunting employees should all be very nervous; OM Spy tells all, and even the most unsophisticated user can set it up and start monitoring computer usage in a matter of minutes.

OM Spy has a 30-day trial period and it installs and uninstalls without issues. The trial period lasts for seven days or five viewings of the data, whichever comes first. We recommend this program for all users.

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