Useful toolbar

Keep everything in one place with this handy desktop enhancement.

ObjectBar is a customizable toolbar that allows users to add and remove various elements. We found it to be a nice addition to our Windows experience.

The toolbar itself can be customized with an assortment of themes and skins, and the ability to tweak the toolbar's contents means that the interface can be just about whatever a user wants it to be. However, the interface with which the user manages the toolbar could be better designed. It's easy enough to add and remove programs, but other functions, including changing themes and skins, aren't so intuitive. The program's lack of Help file--the Help menu just opens the Windows help--makes this especially frustrating. That said, we were able to configure ObjectBar in a way that was more or less pleasing. We appreciated the fact that we could set the ObjectBar to appear only when we moved our cursor to the top of the screen; this kept it out of the way when we weren't using it. From the ObjectBar we were able to open shortcuts, programs, and files, switch between open Windows, and perform other functions. Items from the system tray can also be added to the ObjectBar for easy access.

Overall, the program didn't blow us away, but it did perform well and we appreciated having access to so many different functions all in one spot. ObjectBar is free to try and it installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend it to all users.

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