Screensaver creator

Build a customized screensaver with this dynamic program.

The Ultimate Video Screensaver hd1080p provides users with a fairly simple way to create a custom screensaver. While some of the controls are confusing, users will love their ability to perfect every detail.

The program features a sleek interface that allows users to select a variety of customizations using well-marked radio buttons and file trees. The process of getting images and sound is a little confusing because there are no instructions, but a trip to the Help file will clarify any worries. The program starts, oddly, with requesting users to select smaller details. Simple radio buttons allow users to select between a series of display sizes. In addition, this first screen asks users to choose how quickly the images will move by manipulating a slider. Downloading images and sound was done by scouring the computer's hard drive for shots we wanted and arranging them appropriately. The result is a sleek collection of our images that embeds itself among Windows' other screensaver options in the Settings menu. The program's special features don't really add to the functionality and can mostly be skipped. Things like sound control (which is actually only a button to mute the sound) and mouse sensitivity aren't issues you will need to deal with to create an excellent screensaver.

Users will find this 10-day trial to be ample time to overcome any obstacles and familiarize themselves with this excellent screensaver maker.

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