Moving wallpaper

Breathe some life into your desktop with this nature-themed wallpaper.

Big Mountain Valley Animated Wallpaper is a great way to breathe some life into your stagnant desktop. With a peaceful scene as your background, this wallpaper will speak volumes about your personality.

The program's interface could not be much simpler. With only a few settings, this program is either on or off with not many decisions to make. Users will not find a Help file, but will not miss it, since the program is so simple. The program consists of a peaceful scene depicting a pond and wildflowers with a mountain in the background. All of it is a bit cartoonish, so don't expect anything realistic. However, the thing that sets this apart from other wallpapers is the animation. A duck slowly wades across the water, birds flap their wings through the sky, and a few other surprises await. If you love nature and want a distinct way of showing it, this is a great screensaver. The program was practically empty of special features beyond adjusting the screen size and picture quality. We would have liked an opportunity to customize things like speed and number of animals on screen, but don't feel the program suffered without it.

Big Mountain is a fantastic freeware program for anyone who loves nature and animation. This is a wallpaper you will not soon forget.

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