Crowded personal organizer

Manage your daily duties with this crowded and difficult organizer.

4ASoft Agenda offers to help users get organized in their busy lives. While it covers a lot of ground, this program's design will prevent most users from feeling comfortable and truly utilizing it.

The program's interface may overwhelm users with its abundance of command icons. The biggest hurdles are data entry fields which are small and unmarked. Users should reserve time for several experimental runs and a long, hard look at the online Help file. Users are presented with three separate organizational tools: Agenda organizer, Address Book and Jobs organizer. The Jobs Organizer is a helpful tool similar to filling out a business form, thanks to fields for companies, duties, start dates and more. While the Agenda function is more confusing, featuring several unlabeled fields, it does become easy to understand and fill in the spaces with your daily to-do list. The address book follows the same suit as the others, asking users to fill in fields to help catalog contacts for quick retrieval later. Overall, the trio performed their duties well, but will require a hefty amount of time for users to get comfortable with their operation.

The one feature we found helpful was that the home page lists all of the days jobs and agenda items in order to remind users. Each could be clicked on and brought up in full view. With its cluttered and cramped interface, this freeware program never ceased to frustrate us. There are many organizational tools available, we suggest you seek a different one out.

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