Basic organizer

Get organized with this simple calendar tool.

Simple Project Management Tool provides users with a very basic calendar and reminder system. While most users will be able to quickly master it, the program is not without its flaws.

The program's interface is incredibly simple, even though its Help file fails to assist in the learning process and doesn't specifically focus on this program. Luckily, users will be able to quickly master these simple commands and calendars. Organizing your projects lived up to its billing as simple, thanks to its tight focus. Users click on the button to create a new project and assign it start and end dates, along with a priority. Within each project users can enter tasks using a similar process. Users can manage their projects on a file tree divided by priorities, and under each project the percentage of completed tasks are listed. The program also offers a calendar where users can enter reminders for any time of the day. Both aspects of this program worked well, but fell a little flat since it did not offer any reminder system, such as a bell or a pop-up screen when one of our tasks was overdue. The program does not offer any special features, since it is so focused on the above duties. We would have liked to see an address book to make this program more complete.

While it lacks a reminder system, this freeware program may make a good download for users looking for simplicity and ease.

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