Technical screensaver creator

Design every aspect of a screensaver with this complex program.

Screen Saver Construction Set is not for novices. By allowing users to control every conceivable aspect of the screensaver they create, some will love this program and others will be frustrated.

The program's interface is so clean and sparse that a trip to the Help file is inevitable. With only a few command icons along the top, users must learn how to dig into these to extract the expansive and overwhelming number of options within. Novice users may have a difficult time managing all the options. The first step to creating a screensaver is to understand that images, text, music, and art are all considered blocks. From the Block-creating command, users can insert any of the above in the order they want their saver to run. From there, users can open each and really dial in appearance, from size, transitions, speed, and screen location with a few button clicks. While altering these might be simply done, users unfamiliar with the terminology might find it difficult to customize and the default settings will be disappointing, so understanding is a must. The program's most interesting feature is a direct link from each image that allows you to edit the photo in the Paint program. While not necessary, it is a fun way to make your pictures more unique.

The program's trial includes a reminder screen as well as distribution limitation. With its deep command options that must be understood to fully utilize this program, it is only a good option for experienced computer users.

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