English language tool

Perfect your English language comprehension with this program.

ABA English Mini Course helps users with a sense of the English language to get a better grasp. By teaching and testing, this simple program will help users speak and read English better.

Users will be able to navigate easily through the tutorials and tests as long as they have a fairly basic understanding of the English language. A useful Help file is available as well. Our only complaint was that the tests were done online and not within the downloaded program. This program starts users off with a mini program to help them brush up on some English basics. This is a noninteractive tool, where users simply read examples for adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs, and phrasal verbs. The written test portion features a fill-in-the-blank question followed by a series of radio button answers. The listening portion follows the same setup, but users must open a sound clip that corresponds to the answers. This was simple to operate, but we did not like having to provide our name and e-mail to get the results mailed to us. The program's strongest feature was its ability to break adjectives and pronouns down into specifics (such as demonstrative and reflexive pronouns), instead of simply focusing on a broad overview.

The program is limited to only the beginner-level course and test until it is purchased. While we did not like the online testing and having to enter our personal information, this program will be a valuable tool for polishing one's English skills.

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