Picturesque screensaver

Enhance your resting computer's image with this beautiful program.

Under the Open Sky provides users with a picturesque screensaver. While the images are beautiful, it's the little add-ons that make this program stand out from similar products.

The program's interface will be simple to manage for anyone familiar with Windows' Control Panel. Users manage this program from the Screensaver setting within the panel. Simple commands make this an incredibly intuitive program that doesn't suffer from its lack of a Help file. Under the Open Sky is a series of outdoor scenes when it is operating. Ranging from soft orange sunsets on the range to brilliant blue lightning strikes and everything in between, the photos are high quality and look professionally shot. Users can adjust the amount of time the computer needs to lie dormant before activating the screensaver with a simple pull-down menu. Users can also adjust the program's transitions from shot-to-shot. The program really stands out from other screensavers with its features. Users can choose any one of the 35 shots and designate it as the desktop wallpaper. Its finest feature, though, is its Sticky Note capabilities. This pastes a note on top of the screensaver, which would be handy for people who are out of the office.

With professional-quality photos and excellent features you will not have to use up the entire 15-day trial to realize that this is a fantastic screensaver.

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