Church service organizer

Coordinate church services with this simple manager.

Worship Assistant provides users with a great tool for organizing church services. From song selection to the people helping, this program makes organizing the various pieces of a worship service simple.

The program's interface may be a little overwhelming to novice computer users; however, those with a little experience will find managing the various screens and fillable fields simple. For those with questions, a great Help file will guide you through the process of organizing a worship service. The program consists of four managers, which are individual screens to help organize worship. Worship Songs manager compiles a printable list of song lyrics, keys, guitar chords, and more for your entire songbook. The only difficult part here is that users must enter all the information manually, which could be tedious. The Worship Sets manager lets users organize and save the song order for each service by providing a bank of songs from the Worship Songs manager. The Team Members manager is like an address book for everyone involved in worship services. The Worship Teams manager allows you to take all those names entered in Team Members and assign them duties for the service. The program's most unique feature is its ability to adjust the key for each song by clicking on a drop-down menu.

Users will want to utilize all of the 30-day trial to get a feel for this program's depth. With great results this is a fantastic choice for those willing to invest the time to manually input the data.

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