Comprehensive inventory tracker

Track inventory, income, expenses, and much more with this powerful program.

Despite its cluttered interface, Inventory Tracker Plus is a powerful and easy-to-use program that should provide businesses with an effective way to track inventory and more.

Inventory Tracker Plus's interface is a bit overwhelming, although continued use reveals a method to the madness. The program uses a lot of windows, opening a new one for each of the program's major functions. Each window contains quite a few fields, but once users take a moment to look at each of them, the program is surprisingly intuitive. Perhaps recognizing the complexity of the interface, the designers included a detailed welcome dialogue and set of tutorials. Users who take the time to read the instructions will be rewarded with a comprehensive way to track inventory, expenses, and income. New users can load the included sample data to see the program in action and evaluate it. In addition to providing a relatively simple way to track inventory, Inventory Tracker Plus includes a calendar, to-do list, address book, and universal calculator; the program is really more a suite of productivity software than just an inventory tracker. All of the functions are intuitive and quick once you get used to the interface. We were able to quickly move around creating invoices, updating inventory, and running expense reports.

Inventory Tracker has a 10-day trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking, but does uninstall cleanly. We recommend this program to any user seeking an easy way to track inventory and other business items.

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