Awful screensaver

Don't waste time fighting with this program.

Nature Corners is, purportedly, a nature-themed screensaver. As such, we were expecting a fairly straightforward experience with it; screensavers are typically among the easiest programs to install and use. Nature Corners, however, is neither easy to use nor particularly functional.

The interface isn't awful, and it lets users create different themes, or sets of photos to display. However, it's not clear how users should select themes when they're ready to use them. Is it enough to click on them? Must other themes be deselected first? We were never totally sure; all we knew was that the screensaver kept displaying pictures that weren't what we had selected. The built-in Help file was sparse and entirely unhelpful. One would also assume that a screensaver named Nature Corners would contain plenty of nature-themed images, but in fact, it only comes with nine of them. Users can select directories of their own photos to use, but what's the point? The program also displayed what seemed to be bizarre, Microsoft-related headlines dated from 2008 across the bottom of each image. Even more troubling was the program's general failure to operate as it was supposed to. A series of hot keys supposedly lets users adjust settings while the screensaver is running, but they just plain do not work. It was impossible to adjust the speed at which the photos changed, which is a basic screensaver feature.

This program has a free 30-day trial and installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend Nature Corners; there are many other screensavers out there that actually work.

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