Befuddling lotto program

Get help choosing your lotto numbers, if you can figure out how to use it.

PowerPlayer for Pick 3/4 2008 helps users select lottery numbers for pick-three and pick-four lotteries based on the results of previous drawings. Or at least, that's what it's supposed to do. We found the whole thing so confusing that we're not sure what, if anything, the program actually does.

The interface is a disaster, a jumble of columns, numbers, and check boxes. It was easy enough to select our local pick-three from the list of available lotteries, but after that, we were stumped. A visit to the built-in Help file was practically worthless. Even the sections labeled "Quick Start" and "Selecting Numbers" brought us no insight; the entire thing is poorly written and offers little in the way of explanation. The program seems to have a lot of features, with base filters and advanced filters and numerous options of various sorts. Unfortunately, because the Help file is so unhelpful, we have no idea how to use any of these features. We never did succeed in picking any lottery numbers.

The trial version of PowerPlayer has a limit of five filters. It installs without issues, but does leave files behind upon removal. We recommend this program, with reservations, to lottery players who are already quite experienced with statistical models for choosing lottery numbers. The casual lotto player looking to improve his or her odds will find this program completely useless.

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