Form filling made easy

Stop messing with the typewriter and fill out forms electronically.

Form Pilot Home allows you to complete forms on the computer that normally have to be typed or handwritten. Although the program takes a bit of practice to master, it's a great alternative to filling out forms the old-fashioned way.

The program's interface is not incredibly intuitive, although the toolbars will look familiar to users of Microsoft Office. A visit to the program's built-in Help file will definitely help you make the most of this program. Once you figure out how the program works, completing forms couldn't be easier. Form Pilot Home provides two ways to fill out forms. One way is to scan paper forms, enter information on the electronic version, and then print the information onto the paper form. If you already have an electronic version of a form, it's easy to import the document into Form Pilot, enter the information, and then print the whole thing. We tried this method with an application for a new Social Security card and although it was easy to do, but we stumbled upon one of the program's major drawbacks, which is that the Home version of Form Pilot only supports the use of single-page forms.

The trial version of Form Pilot Home has no time limitation, although it does print additional text at the top of each document. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users who have occasional form-filling needs and don't mind being limited to single-page forms.

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