Simple keyboard and mouse control

Restrict use of your computer's keyboard and mouse with this straightforward program.

BasicMouse BasicBoard BasicBrowser allows users to disable mouse and keyboard functions in order to control the computer activities of children or student users. The program also includes a special browser that gives access to only Web sites approved by the user.

The interface is fairly straightforward, with a series of check boxes that allow users to select which functions they want to change or disable. The Help file comes as a PDF and is sufficiently helpful, though it could stand to be more detailed. For a program that is marketed as a parental control, we expected more information about how the program's functions are actually useful, but perhaps that is for parents to figure out. The program's features do allow for comprehensive control of the mouse and keyboard. For example, users can disable the right or left mouse button or scroll wheel, or merge the buttons so that they all function as the left button. The keyboard options allow users to disable any and all keys on the keyboard. Users can set the program to run in the background so that it is not easily detected and can have the restricted BasicBrowser launch automatically. A password can be set to prevent users from disabling the program without permission.

BasicMouse has a 30-day trial period, which should be ample time for users to try it out. It creates a desktop icon without asking, but it does uninstall cleanly. We recommend this program for any users who need to restrict mouse or keyboard use on their computer.

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