Autumn-themed Windows shell

Transform the look of your computer, but not in a good way.

Autumn Shell is a Windows enhancement that changes the look of the user's Start menu, desktop, and Taskbar. Calling this program an enhancement, however, is a bit misguided; it's more of a hindrance.

Part of the program's alleged appeal is that it replaces the standard Windows shell with an autumn-themed one. We liked the idea but didn't find it to be very attractive in practice. Far worse than the aesthetic concerns, though, is the fact that the program is so difficult to navigate. The Start menu is replaced with an oddly organized panel that slides into view; there are several references within it to Autumn Shell but only one takes users to the program's settings. And even that doesn't seem to contain everything it ought to. The built-in Help file is rife with statements like "It is possible to remove calendar from the desktop," without any actual indication of how that might be done. As for the program's features, we fail to see how they are an improvement over the standard Window's fare. In addition to the weird Start menu, desktop icons are split into two groups; programs remain on the left side of the screen at the normal size, and documents become annoyingly small and are relegated to the right. The overall effect made us think "Ew, I can't wait to uninstall this!"

The program has a 14-day trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking and does not uninstall cleanly. We do not recommend this program; it's unattractive and cumbersome.

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