Cursor control

Prevent unwanted cursor drifting in games and multimonitor settings.

Cursor Lock allows users to confine the cursor to one particular window or area of their screen, a useful feature in multimonitor settings or when playing certain games. Although the setup was not as intuitive as we would have liked, the program does work well once it's configured.

The interface is well organized and even offers mouse-over descriptions of each option, yet we had a difficult time getting started. Each individual field made sense unto itself, but it wasn't obvious what steps we should take to configure Cursor Lock the way we wanted it. The Help file, buried in the program's documentation, offered sufficient guidance for us to figure it out. Cursor Lock is versatile, giving users the option to confine the cursor to the current screen (useful for multimonitor setups) or the interior or exterior of a given window. The window-locking feature is useful in situations such as game playing in which accidentally clicking outside the window could minimize the game and disrupt play. The cursor lock can be toggled on and off with hot keys, allowing users to navigate outside the locked program if it becomes unresponsive. We found that it took some experimentation to get comfortable using the features, but once it's mastered, Cursor Lock functions well.

The program is free and it installs and uninstalls cleanly, although uninstallation requires users to delete the program's folder from the Program file and to remove it from the Start menu. We recommend this program to anyone who has a need to control where the cursor goes.

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