Fun Start menu enhancement

Customize your Start menu with this fun and useful program.

Aston2 Menu allows users to replace the standard Windows Start menu with a variety of fun and useful alternatives. The program maintains the integrity of the original menu's layout while adding interesting graphics and utilities.

Once installed, the program transforms users' Start menus automatically, but it's easy to access Aston2's settings in order to make changes. Users can choose from seven different skins that are included, or visit Aston2's Web site to download additional skins for free. The skins come in a variety of themes--natures, holidays, and specific time periods, for example--some of which contain sounds and animations. Many of the skins include widgets that show clocks, calendars, and weather. It's easy to switch between skins and adjust settings within them, and the program can also be easily exited if users want to return to the standard Start menu. We liked the fact that the program jazzes up the Start menu and adds some helpful features, but doesn't go overboard adding unneeded, clutter-creating utilities. In fact, the program allows users to easily edit, rearrange, and rename all the items within the Start menu. The program makes the menu highly customizable, yet still familiar and easy to navigate.

The trial version of the software has a 30-day limit, which is plenty of time to try it out. It installs without issues but does leave a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program for any user who wants to customize the look of the Start menu and add a few useful features to it.

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