Child's spelling tool

Help your children have fun while they learn with this program.

Ray's Spelling and Word Games provides a simple program that will help youngsters learn how to spell. With three different games and simple commands that will be quickly mastered, users will love this collection of games.

The program's interface is full of cartoonish images, bright colors, and large, simple words that children should be able to master. If not, their parents will easily be able to assist, making the Help file somewhat unnecessary. The program consists of Spelling Challenges, Word Jumbles, and a hangman-like Find the Word. The spelling challenge provides tutorials that prepare the user for hearing an audio word and having to properly type it in. The Word Jumble is a scramble of letters that will provide hints after a few incorrect guesses. The Find the Word game operates like hangman, but with a balloon lowering toward an arrow with each incorrect guess. Each game tracks your performance and tells users whether they won, which kids will love. The program's finest feature is its flexibility. By providing several skill levels, kids can keep coming back to this program and improving their spelling, which we found to be a pleasant surprise.

With a fun interface and challenging games that will help new spellers, we think users will quickly run through this trial's limited word list thanks to its enjoyable mix of gaming and education.

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